Welcome to our sartorial Atelier & Boutique

High Floors was born from a dream: a comeback to the charm of traditional crafts thanks to a sartorial atelier and an exclusive and innovative boutique, where the time stops and the art of elegance takes shape in refined impeccable meansear suitable for any occasion.

Customized elegance

Your unique style

Unique custom-made suits of the best fabrics in the world. Handmade shirts with customizable details. Custom made shoes from the best Italian shoemakers. Focus on overall look for every occasion. Finely selected accesories, ranging from sock to tie without neglecting a customizable jewellery offer. The garments offered by the Boutique are reguraly updated in order to keep up with the newest trends.
Made in Italy 100%

Our Atelier

Refined Boutique in Aosta, where ideas take shape in elegant tailoring garments.