Top quality fine fabrics

The appeal of a bespoke shirt, the excellence of fine fabrics and personalized details bring a touch of class. At our atelier we fashion shirts out of the finest fabrics thanks to exclusive collaborations with brands in the sector.
A bespoke shirt made with quality materials is a unique long-lasting piece of clothing which imparts a distinctive touch of elegance.

High Floors fashions its shirts out of top quality fabrics, thanks to exclusive collaborations with two historic brands in the sector: the Neapolitan shirt factory Borriello and the fabrics of the Albini Group.

The Borriello shirt factory

The Borriello shirt factory in Naples crafts its products entirely by hand, resulting in top-quality tailor-made shirts, the work of expert craftsmen.
Fine fabrics combined with tradition and innovation give life to a top quality product with exquisite and flawless details.

Albini Group’s fabrics

Thanks to an exclusive agreement with our Atelier, High Floors produces bespoke shirts utilizing fabrics from Albini Group, known as some of the most skilled weavers in the world. Albini is known all over the world for its unmistakable style, accurate and innovative colours and graphics. The Group’s strength is their unending pursuit of valuable raw materials to create truly unique fabrics